Staff Profiles


Abbey Lawless

Psychologist, Management Consultant, Coach & Entrepreneur, Abbey Lawless brings a progressive perspective to all aspects of her Psychological Practice, Management Consultancy and Client and Customer Interactions.

A mind that practices present awareness by remaining in the now and not in the past or the future will naturally sculpt away the clutter or white noise so easily influenced by today’s bustling lifestyle. This letting go and true presence will seamlessly allow for a serene stillness which will then further open the window to hearing, understanding, claiming and embodying one’s emotions as a guidance system to navigate life. The freed mind and emotions coupled with a body that is maintained through a gentle practised health and fitness regimen is the essence of the journey. My philosophy is simply this. With intent, I choose to live my best life.” – Abbey Lawless.

A brief summary of my praxis … From a foundation as a registered psychologist and management consultant, Abbey Lawless has demonstrated dedicated and effective clinical assessment and psychological intervention strategies in all conceivable settings, as well as innovative success in higher executive and senior management roles over decades long professional involvement in the health and employment industries. National and State level responsibilities have acknowledged a portfolio par excellence with key skills involving clinical and management expertise effected throughout diverse and variegated clinical and organisational settings, and within the employment and assistance provider sectors.

Abbey applies her core capabilities in education and psychological services, counselling, organisational consultancy, executive coaching, corporate training, mediation and conflict resolution, and group facilitations. Abbey specialises in recruitment, protocol implementation within change management, critical incident management services, employee assistance services, vocational rehabilitation and injury management services. Her multi-faceted professional life continues to see her in the roles of mediator, organisational consultant and corporate trainer.

Abbey has trained and supervised multidisciplinary teams of seasoned and junior health professionals and providing support, upskilling, and mentoring to these individuals whilst gatekeeping their respective professions. Her expertise conferred to various health managers coordinated under her direction, and who implemented her strategies to their subordinate cohort. In engaging this structured dynamic Abbey believes she is able to reach a larger group of society through a cascading implementation of her initiatives.

Abbey’s clinical expertise involves a wide ranging social demographic including couples, families, children, adolescents and adults. She has demonstrated superior capabilities in parent and infant mental health, child and adolescent mental health, forensic mental health, disability and dual disability services, mental health crisis resolution, early onset psychosis intervention, and hospital outreach programs.

Abbey’s attributes and abilities have arrived at a zenith in her career, with her emerging companies MindSculpt Psychology and Coaching and Vybe by Design entering the health and fitness industries, and providing a premium line of products including nutritional supplements and beverages, clothing and gym gear, personal training and coaching, and access to allied health services. All of which is built upon her philosophical foundation of “living your best life”.