• Self-Esteem issues can affect a person for their entire life-time; and can lead to avoidance behaviours, inappropriate coping strategies and a lack of expectation and motivation that results in regret. Self-Esteem is generally established in childhood and issues with parental abuse, bullying, traumatic experience and poor choices can result in an individual possessing feelings of worthlessness and anger. If unaddressed, Self-Esteem issues can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, criminality and avoidance behaviours that create a life that is only half-lived.
  • MindSculpt are experts at dealing with Self-Esteem issues and apply the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology and a number of other Cognitive-Based strategies to implement lasting change in an individual, and to encourage self-confidence in how they view themselves. The overflow effect is a life that becomes more abundant and joyful, with the recognition of milestones, the establishment of positive relationships and the projection forward to the achievement of worthwhile goals.