About Psychology

What are psychological services?

Psychological services involve highly skilled, trained and qualified psychologists who use their expertise to conduct a process of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and the continued evaluation and adjustment of therapies applied to clients with psychological, behavioural, and emotional problems. Psychological treatment can accompany a client across an entire life-span or be periodically applied until the client has completely resolved their issue and is wholly integrated in the mind and emotional capacity.

Apart from the diagnosis and treatment of psychological, behavioural, and emotional conditions, psychological services can also elevate an individual from an already strongly integrated mind and emotional set, to the heights of human mental capacity and life-endeavour. Psychology does not only focus on negative conditions or mental impairment, and can be used as an adjunct to increase mental performance and supreme enhancement of all aspects of an individual’s life. In this sense, psychological services share some equivalents with coaching services, in that both methodologies possess elements of enhancing performance and ultimately bringing about the realisation of the highest human potential.

Regarding the inter-relation between psychology and coaching, individuals are not restricted to one domain of application, and can find great benefit from engaging both services to enhance multiple areas of psychological, emotional, physical and behavioural development. The delineating factor that distinguishes whether an individual requires more intense psychological intervention, or coaching for enhanced performance, is the severity of the psychological issue and the degree to which it limits and impacts upon a person’s function in life. Conditions that cause levels of debilitation require psychological diagnosis and treatment, whereas an individual who is high functioning and mentally integrated, may decide to engage coaching services to reach and exceed the highest levels of their mental and physical capacity.

Mindsculpt provide the best diagnosis and treatment, counselling and sequential consultations, therapeutic sessions and interventionist strategies covering an extensive range of psychological issues and limitations. Our services offer the experience and expertise from a staff of highly-skilled psychologists and therapists, who have studied and trained with dedication in the fields of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Play Therapy and a host of other Psychological Methodologies, and who bring their acumen into clinical practice with precise application. Our clinical experts possess superior qualifications and decades-long experience, and are adept at the identification and treatment of all psychological issues; and fully ensure every client is provided with the utmost in professional psychological services.

What our psychological services don’t provide?

Our clinical staff counsel and consult with clients, to provide Cognitive Behavioural Strategies and other Interventionist Measures that clients are encourage to adopt. Our services do not provide an outlet for aggressive expression of psychological issues; nor do we pander to our client’s own belief systems concerning their issue, or rigidly enforce strategies proposed to intervene for our client’s benefit.

We equip them with the psychological tools required to address their issues and guide them to appropriate realisation and execution of strategies and interventions. We motivate and encourage individuals to the point where we are unrelenting in the application of strategies until the client has fully resolved their issue. Furthermore, although our consultations are strictly confidential, we are not confidantes or close friends. We approach our practice with professionalism and directly assume our only concern is to assist the individual to achieve psychological wellness and integration.

Is psychology for me?

Mindsculpt believe individuals should address issues long before they start to manifest in any symptom or concern, whether it be chronic and severe behaviour, or merely a sense of sadness and agitation. As such we proceed from the viewpoint that everyone should see a psychologist on a regular basis to support their mental well-being and psychological health. We feel this is an all-encompassing necessity given the pressures and stressors evident in today’s multi-faceted, high-paced and competitive environment. Similar to visiting a GP for a regular check-up, or exercising daily to achieve optimum health, all individuals should consult with a psychologist regularly to maintain their mind as well as their body.

The mind and emotions, although powerful, can be fragile in some instances, and if not addressed from the outset, can begin to undermine a person’s mental well-being even long-after an incident. Often an individual will be reluctant to see a psychological health professional due to stigma or a perception of themselves as being strong and resilient. Today, it is more and more acceptable that every individual requires assistance at some point, no matter how strong they may feel, and it is not a sign of weakness to obtain help.