Post-Natal Matters

  • The birth of a baby is a time of celebration and joy, but sometimes post-natal issues can arise that include depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Pre-existing conditions may be exacerbated at the time of birth, trauma from earlier events can lead to the identification of new cognitive and emotional issues, and at this time the mother is particularly susceptible to outside stressors. Without the lack of adequate support and supportive networks, a mother may suffer unnecessarily.
  • Emotional matters following birth can also occur concomitantly with physical issues that may include digestive problems and excessive pain, amongst other symptoms. For a mother, the stress of just caring for her new born child does not need the added pressure of mental and/or physical health issues. Here at MindSculpt, our qualified practitioners can assist the mother in dealing with depression, anxiety and the entire range of cognitive and emotional conditions that can arise during and after child birth. We can also refer mothers to practitioners who can assist in dealing with matters of a more physical nature. We believe child birth and child rearing are perhaps the most precious times in a family, and MindSculpt offers services to restore the sense of joy and gratitude in all post-natal matters and mothers.