• MindSculpt understands that the art of parenting is often fraught with issues, both for the parent, and the parent/child relationship. We deal with issues of raising a responsible and independent child, including methods of ‘letting go’ so the child learns there are consequences to their actions, not wrapping your child in ‘cotton wool’, and accepting blame for a child’s inappropriate behaviour. We also assist in sole parenting, step-parenting, and the whole range of parenting variations. Our services also include extreme issues of loss or guilt, and ways for the parent to not neglect themselves in light of their child’s needs and upbringing.
  • MindSculpt deals with various aspects of parenting and provides guidance and counselling for parents with children requiring special needs or exhibiting adverse behaviours. Our qualified practitioners possess the academic skills and knowledge, and the life experience required to provide the best information and guidance for parents from all walks of life, cultural streams and backgrounds.