Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching

  • The key to effective performance in any endeavour arises from a focused and powerful mind. With a mind that possesses diamond-like concentration and clarity, combined with an experience of flow, almost anything can be achieved. MindSculpt provides Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching at an expert level, using a re-interpretation of ancient eastern techniques, combined with current, cutting-edge cognitive psychological equivalents, to effect change and performance enhancement in any individual.
  • Our coaching methods include ways of calming and stilling the mind using visualisation, breathing, mindful concentration to establish a base upon which to proceed to higher levels of meditation for other purposes. Whether the client requires mindfulness and meditation to address certain issues, or whether they wish to pursue a method of finding peace in a hectic environment, or whether they want to experience awakening and self-realisation, MindSculpt can provide the guidance with our expert coaching methods. While MindSculpt begins our Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching with the basics, it can tailor a program suited to individuals.