Health and Wellness Coaching

  • MindSculpt believe that the mind, emotion and body function together as an inseparable unit. We provide expert level coaching in all aspects of physical health, psychological health and emotional wellbeing, with our practitioners possessing recognised qualifications and lengthy experience in the fields of health and wellness.
  • Diet and nutrition, appropriate exercise, and motivated attitude based on goal setting, are the key points instilled in our clients concerning physical health. Our practitioners have at their disposal a range of cutting edge performance including visualisation, affirmations, Cognitive Behavioural Approaches, and various forms of meditation to guide the client to exceptional health and wellness. We deal with weight loss, strength gain, quitting smoking and other habits and provide guidance and structured programs to effect these changes.
  • Our coaching expertise also covers all aspects of mental wellbeing, the reverse side of the optimum performance dynamic and whether the individual wants to reinvent themselves and their lives, or to achieve a certain goal, MindSculpt provides the health and wellness coaching to reach and exceed their expectations.