• The pursuit of happiness is a common theme amongst individuals in our modern lifestyles and becomes problematic when we view happiness as external to ourselves. Authentic happiness exists within ourselves and is based on beliefs that define what this positive emotion means to the individual. Distorted beliefs cause many to assume happiness is gratification of desire through drugs or alcohol, through the accumulation of wealth and material objects, or through continually feeding addictive behaviours.
  • MindSculpt, using various Psychological and Coaching Techniques, assists individuals to discover their true beliefs about happiness and find the true contentment within, that results in a joy that is not determined by any outside factors. Happiness mitigates the need for anti-depressant medications or self-medicating behaviours using drugs, alcohol or the instant gratification of addictions. Happiness does not negate an individual’s enjoyment of life’s many pleasures, but instead enhances the delayed and eventual gratification of healthy desires, such as financial stability, family, relationships and self-actualised recognition.