Goal Setting and Implementation

  • Setting intentions or goals and implementing the process of achieving those goals creates a life that is meaningful and that has direction. An individual without goals may feel like they are wandering through life aimlessly. Without setting your own goals, an individual will have their goals set for them by external influences and can often find themselves heading in the direction of failure. MindSculpt are experts at Goal Setting and Implementation.
  • MindSculpt covers all aspects of Goal Setting from initially discovering goals worth pursuing, to establishing where an individual is starting from, to making goals definable and quantifiable, to breaking goals into short term and long-term outcomes. MindSculpt also provides guidance on motivation to begin the process of moving towards goals, with daily processes of recording gradual and minor accomplishments in an individual’s pursuit of a goal. For individuals wishing to design a life that is of their own choosing, MindSculpt provides the knowledge, expertise and guidance to set goals and achieve them.