• Anxiety is the exaggerated expectation of a bad event occurring in your daily life. Anxiety can range from minor discomfort about certain situations, to a debilitating terror that impacts the way a person functions and conducts themselves in daily living. Anxiety results in physical symptoms such as rapid heart-beat, light-headedness and at its worst, panic attacks that make a person feel as if they are suffocating or having a heart attack.
  • Using a cognitive behavioural approach, MindSculpt assists the individual to identify and modify their beliefs about the expected negative situation occurring and then to address the resulting anxiety. Using gradual exposure techniques, the individual begins to change avoidance and safety-seeking behaviours, and establishes a belief in their own ability to cope with the over-estimated event. Mindfulness and self-awareness techniques assist the individual to assess physical symptoms as non-life threatening, modify dysfunctional thinking and behaviours, and encourage an eventual desensitization to the feared situation. The objective here is the reduction and elimination of the anxiety disorder, and a return to normal functioning.