About Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is the process whereby a designated individual, usually a person with qualifications, expertise and experience, facilitates another individual’s acquiring of new skills, strategies, abilities and elevation to best performance. Mindsculpt’s coaching professionals set about assisting clients to discover their best selves, through inspiration, motivation and strategic planning, and to express this as peak performance regardless of the chosen field or endeavour. Our coaches provide clients with strategic tools such as goal-setting, clarity of intention, focus, strategic planning, mental rehearsal, visualization and celebration to uncover the enormous potential that resides inside of themselves. Our coaching staff wield their expertise in areas such as business management, executive management, parenting and working with children, sports performance and spiritual growth. They can apply their techniques and strategies to clients wishing to perform at the highest level in any arena. In considering this, coaching services exhibit comparisons to psychological services, and the individual is not limited to either category alone, and is encouraged to find benefit in both services to address multiple areas of cognitive, emotional, and performance improvement, to discover the stratospheric heights of their personal development.

What coaching is not?

Coaching is not providing specific instruction in the techniques of the client’s chosen field or treatment for significan psychological matters. Mindsculpt coaches identify the client’s objectives to improve performance, and convey to the client the strategies, methods, and principles required to achieve the highest standards in any endeavour. Our coaches are not training partners for clients, nor are they hard task-masters, rather they are facilitators that motivate, and teach self-motivation, and who impart the strategies, skills and applications to achieve and exceed the highest levels of success. The coaching methods we apply involve co-collaboration in identification, planning, execution and evaluation, so that inevitably, the client achieves the level of subconscious competence whereby their highest level of performance in their chosen field, becomes wholly subconscious and expert.

Is coaching for me?

Every individual, in any field or endeavour, can benefit from coaching. Even if the individual does not have a specific arena in which to achieve peak performance, coaching strategies are readily applied to life-skills with the intention to achieve success and approach living with the attitude of confidence and ongoing goal-attainment. Coaching is not restricted to the younger generation, coaching is beneficial for all age ranges, from children, to adolescents, to young adults and to mature adults. Regardless the place from which you begin, Mindsculpt coaching can facilitate clients of all ages and from all walks of life, to achieve peak performance in their chosen field, or in life itself. Most definitely, coaching is a necessity for all individuals who desire to discover their best selves, in all fields and endeavours, and especially in attaining peak performance in life itself.