Career Direction

  • In a rapidly changing society and with continual advancement in technology, it has been estimated that the average person will have five careers in their lifetime. Choosing an occupation to begin their working life with, or a career to change to, can be a daunting task. Especially for the school leaver, finding the perfect occupation is almost impossible given the competitive nature of society today. Many individuals find themselves in a financially rewarding career but are unhappy. Perhaps their career choice was influenced by parental expectation or lack of academic aptitude. At MindSculpt we address all issues concerning career direction.
  • MindSculpt provides initial psychometric testing to evaluate occupational capacity and aptitude, then discusses with the client what fields of interest they have a leaning towards. We then address obstacles in pursuing a path to a certain career, and find ways to negotiate these obstacles, even low academic performance can be resolved with effort and determination. MindSculpt also provides motivation to persist in pursuing the career an individual has set their sights on, from professions that might include working in nature, to occupations that involve a scientific setting, to a career that reaches out to a large number of people. MindSculpt assists individuals to set a career direction and plan a pathway to the intended profession, from a non-working starting point or from an occupation that is no longer viable. Career direction is one of the most important aspects of life and contributes to overall happiness. MindSculpt understands this implicitly and provides the expert guidance to achieve life-long career satisfaction.