About MindSculpt

MindSculpt begins with the belief that the mind is the source of all power, the intangible foundation upon which all our existences rest, and that all methodologies are ultimately self-directed towards the mind. Our cadre of psychologists, coaches, meditators, and management experts provide individuals with the cutting-edge psychological tools to precisely design and sculpt the mind so that it is the supreme vehicle used to traverse the path of life and achieve the highest embodiment of oneself.

MindSculpt delineates its praxis into two paths – (1) Psychological Intervention; and (2) Coaching in Motivated Strategy and Meditation Expertise. Both paths assume the objective to equip the individual with the tools to sculpt the mind, so that it develops a diamond focus that reveals clarity of intent and intentional action, with purposeful communication that is lucid, integrated and perfected. In refining the mind, the individual learns to develop a relentless will to win that is expressed in unshakeable determination, whether it is to direct oneself to re-integrate a psyche that appears fractured by mental issues, or to attain the highest quality of life through excellence in business acumen based on a mind that is quiescent and concentrated.

MindSculpt’s Psychological Intervention relies on our trained specialists and their expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychotherapeutic Treatment, and a number of other foundational and cutting-edge Cognitive Therapies and Neuroscientific Applications. We provide intervention in Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Play Therapy, Borderline Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and an extensive range of mental issues prevalent in our society today. MindSculpt are experts at providing therapies for children, adolescents and adults; and our qualified staff are allied to a network of health professionals that extend our scope and range of psychological intervention.

MindSculpt also provides training to individuals who search for superior transformation through Coaching in Management Strategies, Life-Skills, and Meditation, which includes attaining meditative equipoise, choosing happiness, relinquishing disturbing emotions and resolving the entire panoply of mental afflictions; or achieving the highest aspirations individuals have sought for centuries.

MindSculpt’s belief that the mind is the essential ground upon which our lives exist, motivates our trained professionals to assist those in need of mental respite, psychological healing, and life enhancement. We approach clients from an attitude of celebration and gratitude towards the mind; and have the intention of imparting our expertise, skill and knowledge to assist the individual to achieve objectives and goals with their mind. We facilitate individual self-directed improvement of the mind, and act as co-collaborators on the client’s path to the highest embodiment of the best version of themselves.

MindSculpt integrates our methodologies with medicare rebates based on mental health plans outlined by GPs, and is allied to a wide-ranging network of registered health professionals. MindSculpt also caters for individuals who wish solely to rely on our qualified professionals to structure a course to wellness, self-enhancement, life-fulfilment, and personal liberation from the outset and from a private perspective. Contact MindSculpt today and begin the journey of your mind.